Type of hairstyle describe personality

In facts, hairstyle describe a lots about your character. This causes many women are afraid to change her haircut, for fear of being not fit with their personality.

Hair becomes identity is closely linked to facial appearance. “Having a bad hair day and you felt bad mood, while a good hairstyle can make you as conquer the world,” says Susan Sommers, style consultant, and founder Dresszing.com.

Hairstyle Types
Hairstyle Types

According to her, the right hair style not only makes you confidence but also makes other people feel confident to your ability.

“Your hairstyle communicate who you are at a glance. It is a shortcut that lets you express yourself without saying a word,” she was said.

Type of hairstyle describe personality:

– Long hair with natural wave
This haircut interpretation personal of ultra feminine, and beautiful. You can see Sarah Jessica Parker, and Gisele Bundchen.
“This hairstyle is great for women with high body posture with a slim body shape,” said Antoinette Beenders, Creative Director of Aveda.
However, for women with small body posture and face are small, this hairstyle type will submerge their face and body.

– Long straight hair
Like Lauren Conrad, the first impression of straight hair is implied sensual, flirty, low maintenance, and describe if you are a nice person.
“Long and straight hair is perfect for women who want to feel sexier,” says Beenders.
“This hairstyle looks good for a high-spirited young woman,” explains Sam Brocato, owner of Sam Brocato Salon in New York.
However, this hairstyle type is not suitable for those who have oval face shape and small body. “Long hair and straight will hide the shoulders, neck, and make them look more tiny,” said Minardi.

– Medium bob
Bob haircut like Katie Holmes described the powerful, graceful, and simple.
“For this type of hairstyle, you need a beautiful eyes and small noses,” said Beenders. However, medium bob hairstyle would look less fit in women who have a narrow face and a square-jawed as this haircut accentuate the jaw.

– Bangs
According to Beenders, she bangs have a strong personality that mixes with the feminine, young, and humorous. Nicole Richie, for example.
“Bangs look good on women who have a narrow forehead and not too short. Bangs can also cover a broad forehead. But they can also create a dramatic look,” she said.
But bangs hair style are not suitable for those who have a face box because it will shorten the face and reinforce the jaw.

hairstyle personality
hairstyle personality

– Pixie
Halle Berry pixie style is the best performance she had. Likewise, Sharon Stone and Emma Watson is a private showing very confident and bold.
“Those who have small heads form, and features a pretty face with strong characters eyes would look good with this haircut,” said Beenders.
The owner of this pixie hair should always wore makeup so as not to seem masculine.

– Short Bob
Different again with this short bob hair style, they are usually cut off her hair with this model of firm character, chic, classic, sexy, and stylish. You can see the style of Anna Wintour.
“The short hair indicates attractiveness and assertiveness. As a professional woman, she must find a capable performance showing the strength within himself all the time,” said Minardi.
Other celebrities, Victoria Beckham. This hairstyle looks suitable for women who have a good jaw line. Short Bob Victoria Beckham asymmetrical neck highlight the sexy and framing structure.
However, this hairstyle type is not suitable for those who have round face. This piece will make them more rounded face.

Now, what type of hairstyle is described your personality?

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