Secret of Miranda Kerr body

Miranda Kerr body has always been the envy of women. Especially after giving birth, her body still looks sleek and sexy. What’s the secret of Miranda Kerr body?

Miranda Kerr secret
Miranda Kerr secret

From all mothers in the world, Miranda Kerr is probably the most fortunate person. Slenderness Victoria’s Secret models look very perfect and ideal. Feminine curves which make it more graceful, more radiant smile, and the firmness of her body that she believed to demonstrate the famous bra.

“I was asked to display it after I gave birth. It was awesome. It was an honor,” Kerr said, as quoted from Geniusbeauty, (January 31, 2012).

Previously, women who only has one child is fighting to eliminate some pounds body weight with the help of yoga, pilates, and strength training. And she deliberately chose the program to be run at home and in her living room. “I have a little time, but I try to exercise every day. I exercise at home with my kids play with toys on the floor,” Miranda Kerr continued explaining.
This model believes that while watching her son play in when she was exercising, Flynn (son of red-cheeked and handsome) this will get used to that exercise is an important part of daily routine. The same is said also through healthy diet, which Kerr followed.

Miranda Kerr diet
Miranda Kerr diet

As a diet rule, breakfast consisted of fresh fruit with yogurt, eggs, and whole wheat bread with avocado. For lunch, she usually ate salad with tuna and green tea or fish steak with vegetables (pumpkin is a priority), while for dinner, Miranda Kerr used to eating a green salad and tea.

That’s secret of Miranda Kerr body, now you can try her secret to get body health.

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