Recognize Early Symptoms of Sinusitis

In the midst of living with a variety of delicious ease of access and facilities, urban communities susceptible to respiratory problems due to poor air quality. For example, asthma can make the infected sinus cavity. The whole picture shows severe asthmatics abnormal sinus organ. While mild and moderate asthmatics showed, 77 percent of them experienced a sinus infection or sinusitis. Conditions that may be more severe when an allergic person’s talent emerging factors, especially against the dirty air.

Sinuses and Sinusitis
Sinuses and Sinusitis

“The nose is the entrance to the airway that serves to moisten, warm, and filter the incoming air into the airway. If the system is not running correctly, of bacteria and viruses that exist in the air can infect the respiratory tract,” said specialist from the Clinic Asthma, Sinusitis, and Allergy (ASA) RS Asri, Dr. Mirta H. Reksodiputro Sp. If asthma is a narrowing of the lower respiratory tract is genetically inherited, sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinus cavity which includes the organs of the upper airways that can be caused by many things, and it can happen to anyone.

“Sinusitis can occur because of infection by bacteria and viruses that exist in the air, the germs in the maxillary teeth are missing, or blockage of the respiratory tract due to large tonsils,” he said.
According to him, people who have low body resistance tends to have a problem with the sinus cavities caused by bacteria and viruses tend to be more easily entered. “Sinusitis is the people who live in urban areas tend to occur due to infection or allergy in the nasal cavity called rhinosinusitis.”
symptoms of sinusitis 300×288 Recognize Early Symptoms of Sinusitis
symptoms of sinusitis

Allergies make secretions (snot) accumulate in the sinus cavity and inviting entrance and bacteria to grow. “Body fluids that protein is the most suitable place for bacteria to grow. If it is bacterial infection, sinusitis will easily spread to other sinus cavity and lead to complications.”
Sinus cavity consists of four parts, namely maxillary (cheek area), Etmoid (in the eyes), frontal (forehead area), and spenoid (in the eye area). If not promptly treated, infection in one of the sinus cavity to easily spread and infect the vital organs, given the location of the sinus cavity very close to the eye and brain.
Recognize early symptoms of sinusitis by:
1. Sense of whether there is always a ripple in the throat, such as fluid in the nasal cavity to fall down.
2. Nasal congestion and itchy.
3. There’s every breath odor.
4. Sneezing.
5. Runny nose with white features thick. If the color is yellowish secretions or even greenish, then the germs in the secretions are more. Whereas secretions in allergic white, clear, and liquid.
6. Headache due to secretions in the sinus cavity pressure to the head.

To take precautions early, you’ll want endurance to maintain a diet and healthy lifestyle. Stop smoking and avoid smoke and dust pollution. Using a mask when on the move outside the room could be the right choice.

“If you have a talent allergies, causes of allergy should not do. So need to know first what causes allergy by performing an allergy test.”

And, do not forget to always keep the room temperature from getting too humid because the air conditioning. “Always let the sunlight into the room so that bacteria and fungi is not easy to breed,” he said.

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