Identify Vaginal Discharge Problems

Hi Soulmend readers.. Never underestimate the whitish matter. Therefore, you should early identify vaginal discharge problems so as not to lose in the future.

Whitish problem is a problem that has long been a problem for women. But not many women who know what it is whitish and sometimes underestimate this leukorrhoea problem.

Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal Discharge

Discharge can not be taken lightly as a result of this leukorrhoea can be very fatal if treated late. Whitish or Fluor Albus is a condition in which excess fluid out of Miss V. Discharge can be divided into two parts, the normal vaginal discharge (physiological) and vaginal discharge abnormal (pathological).

Whiteness is not a disease or normal vaginal discharge (physiological) can occur in every woman. Typically, the liquid that comes out clear, colorless, odorless, and does not itch.

Normal amount of fluid discharge can be a little or a lot, occurred before and after menstruation, when aroused or when under stress. Sometimes we also experience vaginal discharge that teenagers just before puberty, usually the symptoms will go away by itself.

But if the discharge from the women organ is not clear, yellowish white, gray to greenish, thick, smelling like rotten eggs or rancid, itching and more numerous, it is likely that whiteness is not normal.

  • Leukorrhoea cause
    Some of the causes of abnormal vaginal discharge caused by infection, usually accompanied by intense itching in the organ and around the outer lips of the personal area. Usually this is often cause leukorrhoea, among other bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites.
  • Harmony life threatening
    Whitish disease or abnormal vaginal discharge should be treated immediately so as not to get worse, and keep the possibility of infecting partners, but can be problematic in the process of pregnancy.

Identify the discharge type
With what colors look like whiteness, for practical physician can guess what kind of germs are the cause.
“Vaginal discharge caused by the fungus Candida albicans and a creamy white powder, like talcum powder when dry, accompanied severe itching,” said Dr. Handrawan Nadesul in a book entitled “Healthy Ways premarital”.

Beware because scratching due to itching can lead to additional complaints and illnesses.
“As a result of scratching the hard and repetitive, even up to hurt and cause blisters on the lips of the organ and surrounding areas, causing additional complaints and diseases,” he explained.

Vaginal Leucorrhoea
Vaginal Leucorrhoea

Alert whitish disease can be observed through color and aroma.
“Vaginal discharge caused by a parasite trichomonas vaginalis and is the most frequent type of vaginal discharge, usually yellowish, with itching, odor, but is also condensed form. Moderate leucorrhoea caused by bacteria are generally greenish, both itchy, and smells as well,” said Doctor Handrawan.

Other causes of vaginal discharge, different medicine. For certainty what the cause of whiteness, medication rules should be made a special examination.

“Mucus whiteness is taken directly from the organ with a special spoon tool in the laboratory. Then mucus examined, cultured, and from there it will be revealed whom the cause of germs. However, this method is not practical and it took several days waiting for the results,” he explained.

Furthermore, Dr Handrawan explained, that not infrequently whitish rather than just one cause. Sometimes the cause of double or more than two kinds of germs. For such cases, the medicine also need to be more than one type.

“Discharge of disease, whatever its cause, should be treated before the marriage so as not to infect future life partner. In addition, complications may arise, could be bad impact on fertility. Could be an infection will spread to more parts of the reproductive organs, namely the uterus and fallopian tubes,” he described.

If you are experiencing abnormal vaginal discharge, it’s good to see a doctor immediately dealt with appropriately. “Whitish types of diseases that are left without treatment will grow more intense. Whitish make organs more acidic atmosphere. If left unchecked, can spread on to the reproductive organs,” he concluded.

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