Exercise make middle age improve ability of brain

It’s never too late to be active and exercise. Even in middle age, exercise is not only to lose weight but also improve the ability of the brain.

A study confirmed that overweight man exercising on a regular basis over the past four months they were able to lose weight. In addition, the mental abilities are also apparently increased.

Exercise Improve Brain Ability
Exercise Improve Brain Ability

Studies conducted on men, average age 49 years, a high-intensity exercise interspersed with breaks twice each week. They also do other types of exercise, including weightlifting and cycling.

Four months later, all participants perform mental tasks, including tests of attention, speed of processing, short term memory and flexibility of thinking with better results.

Experts at the University of Montreal at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress exposure in the brain believes he benefited thanks to the health of blood vessels. The brain also uses oxygen better. According to researcher Anil Nigam, sports make cognitive participants increased. “You can intake cholesterol pill but it did not affect cognitive function,” he said as quoted from HealthNews.

Scientists say a brief period of high and low intensity exercise such as aerobics and running for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of walking or jogging repeatedly will give significant results.

Dr Nigam added, cognitive function, VO2max and oxygenation of the brain during cognitive testing revealed that participants greatly increased thanks to the exercise.

“We also found a significantly increased insulin sensitivity, along with scores on tests of cognitive and oxygenation in the brain during exercise. Insulin sensitivity is the ability of sugar to enter body tissues, especially the liver and muscle,” he said.

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