Exercise effect for brain health

The benefits of regular exercise was not only provides freshness to the body and increase endurance course. Exercise also gives a magical effect for brain health. Provide protection against brain shrinkage associated with the sharpness of memory and thinking ability.

Exercice Effects to Brain
Exercice Effects to Brain

A research conducted by a team of researchers in Scotland. They studied the productivity of the brain in 638 people born in 1936. Practically their current age is 76 years. At the age of 73 years, the study participants underwent MRI brain scans, they were also asked to provide details of the usual physical activities, including sports.

During three years of observation, those who exercise regularly shown to have a smaller brain shrinkage compared with those who never exercise at all.

“People in their 70s are doing exercise regularly. Walk several times a week. Those results showed very little shrinkage, and other signs of aging brain is also small,” said Alan Gow, researchers from the University of Edinburgh.

Gow also stated that these findings are also recommended. “This study shows that regular exercise in old age is very important to protect the brain as we age,” said Gow.

Not just a walk alone, you can also incorporate physical exercise such as stretching and cycling, to benefit brain function.

Previous research has also said that if the elderly person, the brain region linked with memory is prone to shrinkage. Part of the brain, the hippocampus, they will grow back after physical activity. This development will also improve memory function.

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