Drew Manning fitness trainer get six pack body after fat

An Ideal body of Drew Manning disappeared. His six-pack stomach turned into belly fat. Behalf of the profession, a fitness trainer from Utah, United States, this deliberately in order to fatten his body to knew what it was obesity.

Drew Manning Fitness Trainer
Drew Manning Fitness Trainer

Drew Manning did not want to just spit theory when teaching the importance of training the body to maintain ideal body weight. He felt the need to create a body fat in order to feel the real problems faced by the participants practiced fitness.

He gives time to raise his weight around 80 lbs or about 36.28 pounds for six months. He was very confident the next six months can easily restore the body weight according to the theory that during the time he taught.

Drew Manning Six Pack Body
Drew Manning Six Pack Body

In order to realize his intention, Drew Manning began to live an unhealthy lifestyle. In addition to stopping exercise, he is also eating unhealthy foods that speed up the formation of fatty deposits such as various chips, junk food, soda, pizza.

“It was fun at first could eat whatever I want, of course, with the consequences and my body started to feel very uncomfortable,” he said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Within 3.5 months, his business began to look toward obesity. Hardness muscles disappeared, replaced the sagging fats. His weight had increased from the level of 87 kilograms to about 119 pounds.

Looking at the current changes in Drew Manning body, his conviction could return within six months of his athlete’s body began to fade. “I’m a little afraid of the process of weight loss will take longer than six months, but I sure can, and always there to support my body back to health and show six pack body,” he said.

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