Can Swimming Make You Taller?

Swimming is widely considered to be one of the best, if not the best, full body exercise you can perform, using nearly every major muscle in your body during its course.

With swimming doing such a great job of exercising many different parts of the body, this naturally leads to the question of whether it also has the potential to increase height, as we know that exercise is one of the key methods used when attempting to grow taller.

Swimming Body Taller
Swimming Body Taller

If you have ever looked at the body of someone who swims regularly, you will notice that they have a torso that is longer than the average person. This is directly related to the act of swimming and the stretching of the spine.

If we look at some of the many grow taller exercises out there, we see that many of them use techniques that are very similar to techniques used in swimming, and this is just the first sign that swimming does indeed help in the realm of height gain.

One way that swimming also out paces some other forms of exercise is that the effects of gravity are not pressing down upon you, meaning you’re gaining the full benefit of your workout, without gravity stealing some of your thunder.

Of course there are many different swimming techniques, so the next question might be, is there one or more in particular that are better to practice than others?

The answer is no. You can freely use whichever swimming technique you feel most comfortable using. All swimming motions inherently use the same muscles to propel you forward, and all give you the same full body workout.

So not only is swimming a great full body workout, you can also see height gains as well due to the stretching of the limbs and joints while swimming!

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