How to prevent Osteoporosis

Sometimes ago, SoulMend readers ask how to prevent Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a bone disorder that leads to a risk of fracture or break. Characterized by reduced bone mineral density that can lead to cracking due to trivial trauma. Bone usually appears without signs before striking. Osteoporosis can occur due to various factors. Despite aging, bone loss […]

Paracetamol side effects

Without realizing it, we often rely on drugs types of paracetamol to relieve pain. In England, nearly a quarter of adults consume the paracetamol of recommended limit in 24 hours. According to research by Northwestern University, Chicago, excessive use of paracetamol will cause acute damage to liver function, this one of paracetamol side effects. Many […]

How To Get Cheap Health Insurance

Chеар health insurance mау lооk like a bаrgаin, but what hарреnѕ if уоu have a mаjоr mеdiсаl рrоblеm? Yоu dоn’t wаnt tо be caught оff-guаrd if an unеxресtеd major medical problem аriѕеѕ. Cheap hеаlth insurance mеаnѕ оnе thing tо оnе реrѕоn and ѕоmеthing else tо аnоthеr. While thе idea оf getting cheap hеаlth inѕurаnсе iѕ […]

Where to Begin your Health and Fitness Lifestyle Journey

Once you have noticed problems in your life or probably just missing something, you would naturally take time to figure out what is wrong. When it comes to health, individuals are more concerned and vigilant. However, there are those who are clueless on when or where to start their health and fitness journey. What changes […]