Most women want ideal body like Kim Kardashian

Actually, healthy face and ideal body of celebrities are often the inspiration to change the appearance of most women. They even do anything to imitate the celebrity, ranging from cosmetic surgery to other expensive beauty treatments. Even a study conducted by the company’s operations Transform in the United States revealed that one third of all […]

Secret of Miranda Kerr body

Miranda Kerr body has always been the envy of women. Especially after giving birth, her body still looks sleek and sexy. What’s the secret of Miranda Kerr body? From all mothers in the world, Miranda Kerr is probably the most fortunate person. Slenderness Victoria’s Secret models look very perfect and ideal. Feminine curves which make […]

Tips to successfully quit smoking

My boyfriend resolution to achieve in 2017 is quitting smoking. Even so, the U.S. heart health statistics refer only 4 out of 10 smokers who fulfilled they promise eliminate this bad habit to stop smoking. The health experts say, preparation to quit smoking will increase chances for success. The new year is a good time to […]

Coffee Milk effects on Teeth

In our daily activities, coffee milk beverages often become friends while working in front of the computer. Paired milk and coffee are believed to provide energy and help avoid sleepiness for hours. However, there adverse effects from consumption of these drinks constantly. Dentists Heidi Hackett believe, the drink is triggering the development of caries of […]